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Play Rush-21 (BlackJack Solitaire) Online Rush-21 or BlackJack Video
With Rush-21 GC app (HTML5 web app), you can play rush-21 using any modern web browser - either on a desktop like Windows or Mac, or on a mobile device like iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet.

For best experience with GameColony web apps, we recommend using Google Chrome web browser.

You can play Rush-21 on a desktop using 2 different Rush-21 apps:

The above app selection box is shown on top of Rush-21 tournament selections.

  • With 'GC app' selected, after selecting a Rush-21 tournament, you will see a Rush-21 game appear similar to a picture below.
  • With "java" option selected, when you later select a Rush-21 tournament, it will come up in an old-style Java applet for Rush-21 that will work only if Java is installed correctly as described here.

  • Object of the Game
    Rush-21 is a Solitaire-style game of Skill with a familiar 21-twist played against Other Real People competing for Top Score.

    The object of the game is to achieve the Top Score while competing against Other Players by clearing 4 columns with as many 21's as possible in the shortest time possible.

    The game assigns skill and speed bonuses - the faster you complete the game, the more points you will receive. Your chances of winning are directly related to your skill-level (your logic, strategy, dexterity, memory and counting ability) in playing the game and in achieving the Top Score.

    In the example above, the top card of the draw pile is the King of Spades. The best move will be to place the King of Spades on a second column, making the second column add up to 21. Another possible (but worse) move is to move a King of Spades to a discard (below it).

    Moving the Cards

    To move the card from a draw pile to a column, either drag the card to a desired column or click on the desired column. Green triangular indicators (as in above example) show all possible moves.

    Game Rules

    A card from the draw pile can be moved to any of the 4 columns such that the total card value in the column is 21 or less. The numbers on top of each column show the current total value of the cards in that column. Picture cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) have a value of 10, all other cards have their own value. Aces are an exception: they can be either 1 or 11, so two possible values are displayed on top of the columns with aces.

    The column is cleared when the total value of the cards is 21.

    The column is also cleared when 5 cards are placed in it (so-called Five Card Charlie). Even if the total value of these 5 cards with Five Card Charlie is less than 21, the column is cleared.

    The column is also cleared when 2 special Gold Cards are placed in it. Gold cards appear randomly -- twice during the game -- they have gold background (as opposed to white). With the appearance of the Gold Card, the words Gold Card appear below the discard area and all columns get highlited with golden borders. Any column can be cleared with the Gold Card

    The combination of 3 Sevens (7-7-7) clears the column with the highest number of points.

    If the card from a draw pile cannot be placed in any of the columns, it can be discarded to a discard pile below it.


    • 50 points for each column cleared by 21
    • 75 points for each column cleared by Gold Card
    • 100 points for each column cleared by Five Card Charlie
    • 175 points for each column cleared by 7-7-7
    There is also a time bonus for finishing the game earlier [via Finish button]

    Strategy Tips

    • Avoid discards
    • Keep track of cards
    • Create low-card columns for Five Card Charlie combination
    • Try setting up one column for the highest value 7-7-7 combination if possible
    • Since most cards in a deck have a value of 10, try keeping the total card value in columns at 11

    Rush-21 vs. BlackJack

    Rush-21 is DIFFERENT from a well-known casino game where 'Blackjack' is often referred to as 'twenty one". Rush-21 is a Solitaire-style game of Skill with a familiar 21-twist. As opposed to casino-style BlackJack (which is played against the House), Rush- 21 is a game of Skill, played against Other Real People competing for Top Score.

    Please note - there's NO Gambling or Casino-style Games at GameColony Tournament participants never play against the 'House' but compete only against other real players using their Skill to achieve the Top Score. Each player contributes a small entry fee in Tickets to compete, and the winner gets the pot.
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