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Rock-Paper-Skill (RPS) is an online game of skill based on a well-known Rock, Paper, Scissors game. RPS game has many nuances and it's not as simple as it appears at first glance. RPS rules, however, are really simple. To start playing, there are only three things you need to know:

(Read here how a Federal Judge ordered 2 lawyers to settle a dispute by playing a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors game.)

As opposed to Rock, Paper, Scissors that kids play, RPS game significantly increases the element of skill in the game with the following:

With the game extended over many sessions, the more skilled player will recognize and exploit the patterns of behavior of an opponent. The difference in point values awarded for wins by Rock, Paper and Scissors affects the risk/reward ratios that players need to keep in mind when using various patterns. Thus, different point values for Rock, Paper, Scissors further enhance the element of skill (as opposed to chance) in the RPS game, making it predominantly a game of skill.

You'll see -- IT'S ALL IN YOUR HANDS!

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